Glazing Session
Glazing Session
Glazing Session
Glazing Session
Glazing Session

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Glazing Session

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The Shaw Street Pottery Glazing Sessions are for experienced potters, to glaze bisque pieces that have not been made in our studio.  This service is only available for pieces made with cone 6 stoneware clay.  Whether you are a home potter or a pro ceramist with limited glaze colours at your disposal, our glazing sessions will give you access to our wide selection of colours.  Enjoy over 12 underglaze colours and over 35 glaze colours to apply to your bisque ware.  It's sure to expand your palette by many folds!  

Should you need guidance with glazing, we will be happy to show you how to brush them onto your works of art.  Each session includes the glazes, underglazes, and **firing of your pieces glazed in the session/workshop.  

Limit of 4 potters per session, price is per person.

Our glazes are all for cone 6 stoneware clay as it is the only type of clay we fire.  If you don't know what kind of clay you have, please take a photo of the product label and email it to us before booking your session.   

Note that Shaw Street Pottery has tested the glazes onto Tucker's cone 6 smooth white stoneware, and Tucker's cone 6 CCSS speckled clay.  Potters are encouraged to make their own test tiles if using a different type of cone 6 clay than the ones mentioned above.  Yes, we can help you with that process too!  

**Firing included in a glazing session is one kiln shelf (15'' diameter) and pieces have to be no taller than 5''.  Additional pieces or taller pieces can be fired at the regular fee.  Bisque firing is only available if booking a glazing session, and regular firing fees apply for the bisque.  Please take the time to read all firing guidelines before booking:

-This service is available for cone 6 stoneware clay only.

-Booked studio sessions are non-refundable, please make sure that what you have is bisque, cone 6 stoneware clay - prior to booking.

-Missed sessions cannot be made-up, rescheduled, deducted, or refunded.

-Potters must clean their work area and brushes within the workshop duration.

-Damage to the kiln, kiln furniture (shelves, etc) and other potter's work is the responsibility of the potter - replacement and damage fees will apply.

-We are not responsible for unsatisfactory results. 

-Please take the time to read our refund policy