CoVid-19 Safety Measures

All Shaw Street Pottery students and studio users are required to read and agree to the following measures in order to proceed with classes and/or studio sessions:

-Provide proof of 3rd vaccination at least 15 days prior to the first class or first booking

-Sanitize hands upon arrival, no exceptions

-Keep mask on at all times, even if you are alone in the studio

-We encourage distancing when possible 

-Bring your own beverage

-Bring your own apron

-Note that disposable latex gloves are available in the studio, as well as disposable masks.

-If you feel ill, stay home

-Notify Julie Martin ( if you or someone you have been in contact with has tested positive for CoVid-19 in the past 10 days, or is showing any of the symptoms listed here 

Safety measures taken by Shaw Street Pottery:

-Teacher is fully vaccinated

-Follow all measures listed above

-Air out the studio during each session (open windows and doors, with fans) and for one hour after each session. Heat or air conditioning will be on if needed - please dress accordingly.

-Enroll a maximum of 4 students per class or workshop

-Book a maximum of 3 potters per studio session (studio rental)

-Sanitize surfaces (door handles, light switches, wheel head and bowls)

-Wash towels and rags after each use (hot water and javex)

Note that if the required proof of 3rd vaccination document is not received on time, the booking will be cancelled and no refund can be issued.

Should a lockdown or other restrictive measures be imposed by the government of Ontario or the city of Toronto, all bookings will be put on hold until Shaw Street Pottery is allowed to resume its activities.  There will be no refund - all paid classes, workshops and sessions will be rescheduled.


Shaw Street Pottery - COVID-19 Disclaimer

With the special safety measures specified in this document, Shaw Street Pottery cannot guarantee that any of its students or studio users will not become infected with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 or its variants.  Therefore, the following disclaimer is to be signed by all Shaw Street Pottery students, parents or guardians, and studio users.


 Thank you and stay safe!

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I acknowledge that I have read the Shaw Street Pottery COVID-19 safety measures and disclaimer defined in this document. I agree to follow the measures in place, I understand the risks, and I acknowledge that Shaw Street Pottery cannot be held responsible if I am exposed to or become infected with Coronavirus/COVID-19 or its variants while in the Shaw Street Pottery studio.




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