Clay at Home - Large
Clay at Home - Large
Clay at Home - Large
Clay at Home - Large
Clay at Home - Large
Clay at Home - Large

Shaw Street Pottery

Clay at Home - Large

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WINTER 2024 NOTICE:  Shaw Street Pottery will be closed from February 5th to March 24th as we will be hosting our two fantastic Mexico Pottery Retreats, in Merida.  

Please note that Clay at Home will be on hold from January 8th to March 24th inclusively. 

If you purchase a Clay at Home package before January 8th, all items must be made and delivered to Shaw Street Pottery by January 20th at the very latest in order for us to complete your clay creations (fire and glaze) before our winter closure. 

Deliveries will not be accepted between January 20th and March 24th inclusively.  Please do not deliver your clay creations during that period.

The Clay at Home program will resume on March 25th.

Our large Clay at Home package includes 5 lb of clay divided in 8 equal balls - enough clay to make up to 8 or 9 pottery creations with this package. It is recommended for adults, an it's also a good size for families with one or two children.  Note that a ball of clay can be divided in half for a more manageable size for children 3 to 8 years old.  If you like your experience, you can always order another package, or register for a class!

Price includes clay, glazing and firings.

Clay at Home packages are available for pick-up only, at 422 Shaw Street

NEW:  'Clay at Home' and glaze your creations in our studio!  A 3-hour studio session which includes the guidance of a teacher, and a wide selection of glazes and underglazes colours.  Book your Clay at Home glazing session after being notified that your creations are ready to be glazed. $40 per person.


  • Please read instruction sheet very carefully before starting your 'Clay at Home' projects.
  • We selected the best YouTube pottery tutorials available online, please watch them before starting your 'Clay at Home' projects.
  • One glaze colour per piece will be applied according to the home potter's selection.
  • All pieces delivered for firing and glazing must have been made with the clay provided with your Shaw Street Pottery 'Clay at Home' package(s).
  • Shaw Street Pottery is not responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, blistering, exploding or any other type of unsatisfactory result. 
  • Ceramic creations must be picked up within 7 days being completed (glazed and fired).
  • 'Clay at Home' bookings and purchased packages are non-refundable.